Predictions 2020 – Health Consumers and Sectors

Health Consumers in 2020

  • Health Consumers in 2020: The informed and demanding patients are now partners in their own Healthcare. Evidence in 2015: Patients are becoming more like consumers.
  • Healthcare Delivery systems in 2020: The Era of Digitized Medicine: New Business models drive new ideas. Evidence in 2015: The rise of Connected Health systems and policies.
  • Wearable’s and Medical Health Applications in 2020: Measuring quality of life not just the clinical indicators. Evidence in 2015: The rise of Bio – Sensing Technology.
  • Big Data in 2020: Health data is pervasive: requiring new tools and provider models. Evidence in 2015: The Digital devices and electronic records contribute to data explosion.
  • Regulatory Compliance and patient safety in 2020: Regulations reflect the convergence of Technology and science. Evidence in 2015: The challenges of Regulation from Technological Innovation and patient Expectations.

Health Sectors in 2020

  • Research and Development in 2020: The net-worked Laboratory: Partnerships and Big data amidst new scrutiny. Evidence in 2015: R&D Networks are emerging as the route to serve unmet needs.
  • The Pharmaceutical Commercial Models in 2020: Local is important but with a shift from Volume to value. Evidence in 2015: The development of Enterprise Level Marketing.
  • The Pharmaceutical Enterprise Configuration – the back office in 2020: Single, Global Organization responsible for insight enablement. Evidence in 2015: The move of Global Business Services (GBS)
  • New Business models in emerging markets in 2020: Still Emerging, but full of creativity for the world. Evidence in 2015: The growth of emerging markets and frugal innovation.
  • Impact of behaviors on corporate reputation in 2020: A new dawn of trust. Evidence in 2015: The case for improving the pharmaceutical industry’s corporate reputation.

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