Evangelising Malaysia into Healthy Lifestyle – In Conversation with Jesrina and Stephanie, PurelyB.com

Met Jesrina and Stephanie, Co Founders – PurelyB. Jesrina is the CEO and Stephanie is COO of the company.

For those who are not familiar with PurelyB, this is perhaps the first company of its kind that is spearheading the message of healthy living in Malaysia and SE Asia along with access to information, products and services helping people make informed and healthy choices.

Sapan: Talk to me a little bit about the history of PurelyB. How did this come together?

Jesrina / Stephanie: We started off with seven of us who shared a common vision about healthy lifestyle. What triggered the thought process really was what was happening in each of our lives. I, for example, went through some health challenges, allergies etc that led me into exploring natural and healthy options.

However, through our own journey of transformation what we realised was it was not easy to access information and healthy alternatives. Hence the need for a one stop portal to get all information and guidnace for a lifestyle change

Once the idea was seeded in our minds, it was just so hard not to take it forward.

Sapan: How large is the opportunity for healthy lifestyle in Malaysia?

Jesrina / Stephanie: Health and wellness market was $300 Bil in Asia last year and it is estimated to swell up to $800 Bil by 2018. What is more interesting is that South East Asia is the highest growth market to the tune of 7%.

However the opportunity size is not just about the numbers, when we look around among communities in Malaysia we realise people are enthusiastic about changing over to healthy diet, for example.

Soon after we launched PurelyB it was time for Ramadan. Usually during this period and Hari Raya later, people tend to indulge with food. Around the same time we launched a campaign #healthyramadan and it was very overwhelming to see over a 1,000 people participate posting healthy Ramadan posts, pictures of grilled sandwiches and this was just our starting point!

Sapan: Close to 20% population in Malaysia is diabetic. Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia. What is more worrying is the rate of growth of obesity in the last decade. Do you think an average person cares about healthy living?

Jesrina / Stephanie: Agree but then this average person needs to be educated and evangelised over time.

Right now our targets are people who have a ready affinity towards leading a healthy lifestyle, at the same time we are reaching out to the broader audience through corporates, health and wellness bazars and events to seed the ideas of everyday health choices among the larger masses. Hopefully over time, we will start to see more and more adoption.

Sapan: What is up next for you? Beyond Malaysia/SE Asia? New programs/ventures?

Jesrina / Stephanie: Loads of exciting things in the pipe. We are working very hard to strenghthening our brand, our content and technology. We are also launching new products such as health programs and we will announce about these very soon.

This year will also be the year of regional expansion to expand our base and community.

That was Jesrina and Stephanie. They will be part of a panel discussion at Growth Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Congress in Malaysia by Frost & Sullivan on the 13th of April 2017. Do signup for the event and get an opportunity to meet and hear from them in person and feel inspired.

Sapan Agarwal drives content and marketing for Frost & Sullivan. Sapan is based out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and can be reached at sapan.agarwal@frost.com | +603 6204 5830

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